• As someone who knows little about running a business from a financial and statutory perspective I find Ramanah & Associates very reliable and helpful in ensuring I meet all my statutory obligations. A very organized and proficient service
    Author : Carla Ramanah
    Stable Manager
    Forbach Stable
  • This is to certify that Ramanah & associates has undertaken our financial and secretarial duties since incorporation of our company and has performed its task without delay.Its staff is painstaking and diligent. Our records are kept in full confidentiality and we trust them for their intelligent counselling of our financial management. We sincerely support them for any future endeavours.
    Author : Vijay Luchmun
    Managing Director
    Vijay Trading Co Ltd
  • It's my pleasure to inform you that your company has always delighted us of prompt services and suggest others not to hesitate to approach your company for the excellent services.
    Author : Mrs Woocheet
    Jayelec Company Limited



19 September 2013

<p>The FATCA fever has finally reached Mauritius. But what is FATCA? How will it work and what is its impact on the Mauritian business scene. See below a brief interpretation on this current issue.</p> <p....

Office closure

20 September 2012

Please note the following office closures for end of year season: Our UK office will be closed from 24 December 2014 to 02 January 2015.Our Mauritian office will be closed on December 24 until 06 January 2015. Please ....

Ramanah & Associates Ltd was founded in 2004. The company was set up by a joint British and Mauritian team of consultants. The original idea was to service the UK accountancy market. The main target was going to be the UK formation companies and accountancy firms.

It is a Mauritian company set up to provide accountancy, business development services and outsourcing services to its client whether locally or internationally. Our staff are internationally trained qualified and semi qualified accountants and business advisers. Most of them are bilingual and speak English and French.Our primary goal is to help our client comply with their statutory requirements and help them grow in this competitive market by looking at ways how we can help them focus in their core business aspects. The company management believes in giving a high value services at a reasonable price to its client.We provide accountancy services to various types of organisations namely sole traders, companies, limited liability partnerships and Charities.

Our firm provides the following main services.

Accounting :

We are quite versatile accountants who will adapt our accounting procedures to fit the individual needs of each and every one of our client needs within the requirements of the Companies Act, accounting standards and other legal frameworks. "With us as your accountants, you can expect to have a tailored service to suit your needs and those of your business".

Bookkeeping :

It is the process of recording financial transactions of your organisation. However, if you wrongly record your data it will make managing your company affairs more difficult. Outsource your bookkeeping to us to get professional services from professionals who know and understand what they are doing.

Tax :

We have the required in-house expertise and systems to ensure that your business is fully compliant with all current tax legislations.

Payroll :

Our payroll bureau can handle all your payroll computations and deductions, dealing with the authorities and departments on your behalf. We provide a guaranteed confidentiality and the assurance that due care will be taken when dealing with your payroll informations.


We can handle your VAT matters from A to Z so no need to worry about changes in legislation and compliance; just hand us over your VAT information we will deal with it on your behalf. We guarantee to provide you a hassle free service.

Business Advisory :

We have a panoply of tools that can help your business at every step towards your growth. These often include the following services: business plans and forecast, cash flow management, debt chasing other advisory services. You name it we will do it.

Offshore Services :

With the help of our sister company VA Global Business Ltd we can advise and cater for the needs of our potential clients so that they can use the Mauritian offshore sector to grow their business worldwide.

Other services :

We work closely with solicitors and lawyers and their client. For instance providing them support on financial matters in cases which require an accountant input in areas like major tax investigations. We also install, Set up and maintain accountancy softwares for clients. The main accounting software we provide assistance are Sage and QuickBooks.